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Big Data

Metanautix Quest and Couchbase: Scalable Analytics Across NoSQL, RDBMS, and Hadoop

Enterprises are increasingly faced with a variety of data silos, each optimized for specific workloads and data types. For example, product catalogs may reside in Couchbase as JSON-structured documents, sales transactions may be stored in an RDBMS as flat relational tables, and web logs may be stored in Hadoop’s HDFS. Business analysts must combine data from these disparate silos quickly, at scale, while leveraging years of investment in standard SQL. This session will present a new approach that makes it easy to quickly read and write big data from Couchbase, RDBMS, and Hadoop HDFS; use standard SQL for extract-transform and load (ETL); run standard machine learning algorithms like clustering, prediction, and classification; support nested repeated data in Couchbase; perform visual, interactive analysis using leading BI tools like Tableau and Excel; and deploy in virtualized environments like VMware.